3mm Curl

Hair Type: 4C

Texture Feel: Textured Coarse

Manageability: Extremely Hard

This is the tightest curl in the hair industry. Nowhere will you find a tighter curl. This curl pattern is a lowercase “z” pattern that is tightly curled in sharp angles. This hair resembles an Afro. The hair is easiest to manage when wet, and advised to just air dry and take on the “Don’t Touch My Hair” approach after the hair is dry and styled. The manageability is hard because it is an afro, and you have to care for it as if your own natural hair. There are no short cuts. If you have a routine for your own natural afro, then as long as you use the same practices on the hair extensions, it actually won’t be hard at all. The 4C hair type, whether natural or made into extensions, is made of hair that will almost never clump without the use of daily styling techniques such as using a leave in creamy humectant, like our Argan Oil Styling Cream. It is also recommended to use a curl defining custard when stretching coils for braid outs and twist outs. Cover the hair at night with a silk or satin cap. Use a detangling co-wash like our, Nude Shampoo, and make sure to part the hair BY THE WEFT when detangling and styling.


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