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4mm Curl

Hair Type: 4B

Texture Feel: Textured Coarse

Manageability: Very Hard

Also known as our Jamaican Envy Curl, this coil has sharp lowercase “s” and “z” patterns. The texture is very low luster. Perfect if you have completed the “Big Chop” and looking for a heat free break on your natural hair. 4B hair, whether natural or in hair extensions is tightly coiled, and can feel wiry. This hairtype often experiences shrinkage up to 75% of its actual hair length. This hair is best styled when practicing the LOC method (applying Liquid, Oil, and a Cream). Daily use of Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, or our Argan Oil Styling Cream will help retain the natural oils. Use a microfiber towel to dry the hair on all kinky curl hair for less frizz. Dry hair with praying towel hands. If you notice that the manageability is very hard, because the hair is a kinky curly hair texture. With our kinky curly hair, we must maintain just like our very own natural hair. Please remember that our hairs are 100% human hair. Our hairs are not coated with plastics or silicones to keep a “shiny” look, and when wake up the hair is in exactly the same curl pattern as when we went to bed.

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Jamaican Envy Curl (4MM Curl)

I've been wearing the 4MM curl for two years now and I still LOVE it. The curl, the natural luster and the versitility all are why BES is the only extension retailer I buy from.