Our 5oz bundles are large, thick, luxurious bundles that most say only need 1 to 2 bundles to fill their entire head. 2 is recommended for lengths 20" or longer. Our gigantic bundles are for those that don't want to spend a lot of money, but still want the BES quality!

7mm Curl

Hair Type: 3C

Texture Feel: Textured Coarse

Manageability: Somewhat Hard

Also known as our Spiral curl, this is one of our biggest sellers at BES. These curls resemble tight corkscrew curly ringlets. Perfect if you have completed the “Big Chop” and looking for a heat free break on your natural hair. This texture retains more moisture than the 4mm curl and has a visible curl pattern that is still kinky and yet more defined. A 3C curl pattern resembles tight corkscrew curls about the size of a pencil circumference. This hair is coarse and gives loads of volume. You can use a gel that isn’t harsh, but still provides lasting curl definition. Deep condition the hair once a week. The hair may be wiry or fine textured. To style, you will want to moisturize with a sulfate free cleanser, and use a clarifying shampoo. The use of grease, or shea butter will maximize your heat free style. If you notice that the manageability is somewhat hard, because the hair is a kinky curly hair texture. With our kinky curly hair, we must maintain just like our very own natural hair. Please remember that our hairs are 100% human hair. Our hairs are not coated with plastics or silicones to keep a “shiny” look, and when wake up the hair is in exactly the same curl pattern as when we went to bed. The hair is made to look, and be maintained just like your own naturally kinky curly hair.

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