MONDAY: Your order will ship that next Monday

TUESDAY: Your order will ship that next Monday

WEDNESDAY: Your order will ship that next Monday

THURSDAY: Your order will ship that next Tuesday

FRIDAY: Your order will ship that next Wednesday

SATURDAY: That Friday

SUNDAY: That Friday


  • 130% AND 150% LACE FRONT WIGS


Hair Care Products & Accessories - SAME DAY 

Tape - 11 DAYS TO SHIP

Clip Ins - 9 DAYS TO SHIP

Micro links - 11 DAYS TO SHIP

Silk Closures - 2 to 3 weeks depending on adding customizations or removing usual wig customizations. The more customizations the longer the timeframe (adding silk, density, etc.). 3 weeks is the ultimate longest timeframe and only for the most complicated request. PLEASE UNDERSTAND ALL ORDERS ARE HANDMADE.



If you have ordered Express shipping, your order ships Express AFTER THE ORDER PROCESSES. Please allow timeframe to pass before emailing on the timeframe, as we are 99% precise on our timeframes. Trust us, it's worth the wait.

LAST UPDATED 11.15.2016

Everyone receives a tracking number. For all updates on your order, Click on the ORDER TRACKING page.

Timeframe may be sooner, but we use this as universal time frame. We are closed on all holidays and on Sundays.

Shipping timeframe does not include the weekend. Mail does not run. We only use USPS. 

For your convenience it's always advisable not to wait until the last minute to place your order. If you have a deadline, hair appointment or other engagement it is always wise to order far enough in advance to allow for unanticipated delays.

We are not responsible for late shipments due to increment weather, US or International holidays, natural disasters, or carrier delays. Please keep in mind holidays, and weekends do not count as a business day and should be considered when calculating shipping times. We entrust our carriers to deliver your package on time. If your package is delayed we will not offer a reimbursement of shipping charges. We do not send to any military bases, so please make sure you have the correct address for signature confirmation at the time of purchase or you will face a delay, Once your order has shipped we will send you a confirmation email.

If a shipment is returned to us due to a bad address we will reship via FedEx at no cost to you, however there will be a delay. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED FOR REFUSED OR ABANDONED SHIPMENTS.

International Shipments must clear customs. The rules and requirements for customs clearance vary from country to country. We fix the shipping label to where there is no cost to the customer if shipping overseas, however, it is the customer's responsibility to pay any additional taxes, fees or duties or to arrange for any permits or special paperwork that may be required.



AWAITING PAYMENT: We have not received a cleared payment from you

AWAITING FULFILLMENT: Order has been received. We are currently custom making your order. 

AWAITING SHIPMENT: Order is 99% complete, and is subjected to ship within 24 hours

Pre Orders: Customer has paid in advance for a product that is coming soon

Incomplete Orders: An order in the shopping cart subjected to being removed.


Can I change my shipping address after I placed my order? 

No you cannot. Please make sure all information is correct before placing your order, or you will face a delay, and subject to another shipping fee.


Can I wash, flat iron, make wand curls? And the hair goes back to its natural texture? 

Yes. Wash, condition, flat iron, wand, color the hair, and the hair will react just like your own hair. Have fun!


How many Clip Ins do I receive with one order, and what are the measurements?

The awesome thing about clip ins is the versatility of wearing many different hairstyles, and picking and choosing how many clips you want to install for your chosen.

1st CLIP IN IS 1 1/2 inches - AND HAS 1 clip - The smaller pieces are for the convenience to install in the front or sides 

2ND CLIP IN IS 2 inches - AND HAS 1 clip - The smaller pieces are for the convenience to install in the front or sides

3RD CLIP IN IS inches - AND HAS 1 clip - The smaller pieces are for the convenience to install in the front or sides

4TH CLIP IN IS inches - AND HAS 1 clip - The smaller pieces are for the convenience to install in the front or sides

5TH CLIP IN IS inches - AND HAS 3 clips - This medium size clip is meant to be installed directly behind the top of the ears

6TH CLIP IN IS inches - AND HAS 3 clips -  This medium size clip is meant to be installed 1 inch above the ears

7TH CLIP IN IS 7 1/2 inches - AND HAS 4 clips - This large size clip is meant to be installed at the bottom of the temples

8TH CLIP IN IS inches - AND HAS 4 clips - This large size clip is meant to be installed at the top of the temples


What is the difference from your hair and others?

For one, we do not resell hair from China. We make our hair texures in house. This alone is our #1 difference. This way, we know the hair is cuticle intact, virgin hair, before we even start making your order. We make the hair in house to make sure we are making your hair texture. We now have the process down to a science. We have learned that the only way to provide exactly what we want to sell, is to just learn and do the process ourselves.


What are the characteristics of your hair?

When you receive your hair, you will notice that the hair is not colored (unless you purchased this as an added service), the hair is a natural brown black color, some hairs are light blonde, etc. due to organic sun highlights. Basically it is not all black, like most hair companies, "1b" hair color. Virgin hair cuticles go into the same direction and it is hand selected from a single donor's hair, and is of the highest quality. Unlike other companies using fake processed hair, inconsistencies in color, and texture cannot be masked by color or perming. It is high quality healthy hair that takes highlights well and withstands heat styling with high temperature styling tools. This is 100% natural unprocessed hair that will take highlights well, and will retain its luster since it has not undergone any chemical processing. We only steam hair, or use hair color if customer purchases this option. 

Also, immediately when you receive the hair you will notice that the hair cuticles run in the same direction. Just like the hair was cut from the head directly, making our hair virtually tangle free. To test if the hair is virgin hair,  you can slide your fingers on the hair from the root of the hair to the tip. It must glide smoothly between your fingers, because the cuticle layers are aligned and can reduce friction between the strands.

Characteristics:  Fine follicles, smooth hair that is highly adaptable to color and texture processing. Holds curls very well. Excellent natural textures ranging from straight to tight curly. Virgin Indian hair is expensive, and relatively rare. The hair is also super soft and manageable. Our hairs are suitable for all ethnic texture groups as there are a wide variety of textures available.

Pros : It takes textures and color well. Holds curl when styled .

Cons: Very expensive.


What is the Return & Exchange Program

We always have sample hair available for you to purchase. This way, you are able to check our quality, texture matching, and pure love for the product, before investing in our bundles. We do not return or exchange hair extensions, or provide free hair - please know this before ordering. We have no "special scenarios". All sales are final. Our facility has been checked, and verified as selling a human body part. With selling human body parts we must abide by US Law:

DUE TO UNITED STATES CODE TITLE 42 - THE PUBLIC HEALTH AND WELFARE CHAPTER 6A - PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE SUB CHAPTER II - GENERAL POWERS AND DUTIES Part G - Quarantine and Inspection Sec. 271 - Penalties for violation of quarantine laws, ALL HUMAN HAIR IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR REFUND OR EXCHANGE. VIOLATION OF THIS LAW shall be punished by a fine of not more than $1,000 or by imprisonment for not more than one year, or both.



Can I cancel my order?

Orders cannot be changed or cancelled once processed. If we must cancel your order within 24 hours of ordering there is a 20% restocking fee of the total amount due for using our hair to customize your order. If you would like this, please email us at presales@bohoexoticstudio.com within 24 hours of placing your order.


What About Shipping Info?

Please make sure all shipping information is correct BEFORE placing your order.

Mail does not run on the weekend, please remember this. Delivery to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, Canada, Europe, and Africa addresses can take up to 10-15 days, even with USPS International Express Mail. It just all depends on your countries business practices. We are not responsible for your countries shipping timeframes.

Insurance covers any lost shipments via courier. We will immediately resend new hair if your package is lost due to USPS losing your package. To order, please contact us so that we can send a separate invoice.

Please understand the timeframe before purchasing, as we are not responsible for your deadlines, but focused on providing quality, luxury, premium hair at a low price. All hair is natural black to dark brown but may contain some light brown to dark blonde on all our hair since all hair is virgin hair.

What Are Your Holiday Hours?

Customer service is closed on all weekends and USA holidays.

We are closed every year on these dates:

  • January 1st
  • January 25th - February 5th - (Annual Taxes only in stock items are sold)
  • May 16th - Holy Day
  • May 30th
  • July 4th
  • September 3rd and 4th - Hair Technicians days off
  • November 24th-25th
  • December 25th
  • December 31st 

How Can I Track My Order?

Please click MY ACCOUNT to track your order, and find all up to date details on your order.


"What happened to your program?"

Boho Exotica Hair by Deonna Monique LLC. reserves the right to cancel or change any program, guideline, rule, policy or procedure without notice at any time.

Note: If you need further clarification about our Terms and Conditions or have general questions please email at Sales@BohoExoticStudio.com.


Commitment To Privacy?

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Any photo sent to us or tagged to us, can and will be used as Boho Exotic Studio material for promotional purposes on all social networking sites, without any other agreement other than this statement. Don't want that? Don't send or tag a picture TO US.


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Our Commitment To The Security of Your Data

How personal information is protected.


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