VIP MEMBERSHIP IS A PRIVATE GROUP OF MEMBERS THAT RECEIVE HUGE DISCOUNTS NOT AVAILABLE FOR THE PUBLIC. YOU MUST HAVE CREATED AN ACCOUNT ON OUR WEBSITE FIRST. This way once you order, you are immediately added to VIP. If you do not create an account first, then you will need to email us so that we can manually add you to the VIP list, which can take up to 48 hours. You will be charged $143.88 every six months. That is $11.99 per month. Cancel anytime. Paying the membership allows you to receive 25% off every order, every time. You will never need another hair extension sale on quality extensions! There is no shipping fee or sales tax added. No free trial days. No setup fee. Billing cycle start date is on the date of the subscription. No limit, cancel anytime. You receive a VIP BES Hair Catalogue immediately after order. You receive 25% off immediately after ordering.