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Hair Type: Technically 1A

Texture Feel: Textured Coarse

Manageability: Extremely Easy

Relaxed Perm: The Relaxed Perm is made by taking raw virgin hair and perming the hair using no lye. The texture comes out textured yet still straight, just as if you were to get a perm yourself.
The almost invisible “crimps” in the hair to really capture the authenticity of a naturally kinky girl that has a relaxed perm. The hair is a very low luster, and very dense to the touch.

How To Style: Use a lightweight sealant or oil for an extremely undetectable look. Use your favorite shampoo, conditioner and styling products. Heat hair to your own desire. Can bleach, dye, flat iron, and treat just like your own hair, as with all our hairs.

How Much Hair is Needed:

3oz: 3 bundles
3.5oz: 2-3 bundles
4oz: 1-2 bundles
5oz: 1 bundle

BES recommends 12oz for a full head or:
3oz: 4 bundles
3.5oz: 3-4 bundles
4oz: 2-3 bundles
5oz: 1-2 bundle (some like to order a 5oz and a 3.5oz bundle)

*Our 5oz bundles are large, thick, luxurious bundles that most say only need 1 to 2 bundles to fill their entire head. 2 is recommended for lengths 20" or longer. Our gigantic bundles are for those that don't want to spend a lot of money, but still want the BES quality!‚Äč

MODEL IS WEARING: 16" Lace front wig medium cap 130% density with 0% leave out.

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