Because we are licensed of free sale and sanitation for virgin hair, we cannot accept used hair in office, to be able to examine, etc. as this is a health code violation. This is the reason other hair extension companies cannot accept returns also. You may see hair companies provide samples to touch and feel, but you cannot touch and feel actual hair extension bundles for purchase unless you are purchasing it.Real human hair cannot be out in the open, and must be in a plastic bag with a hole, in it to let air out or a box that can easily be opened.

Returning used hair to a hair business can contaminate other clean bundles. Since we do not know if the one wearing the hair has lice, or any other type of disease that can cross over. For instance, if we brought in a bundle in our office that was used and it had lice in it, and the microscopical bugs jumped on an employees hand and the hand touched a new bundle and the new bundle was shipped to a client, and the client got lice from the bundle, that is an extreme liability that we take no part of. We get itchy just thinking of it.

We have also been made aware that Community Health Code Workers, or CHW, do test companies, to see if companies do accept hair for return, just to keep companies out of violation. With that said, we have no idea if you are a CHW or a concerned client. So everyone is treated the same.

Please also see the health code below. We will not be risking our business for returns of used hair. Remember you can always return unused hair still in its bundle, and it is defective or incorrect as company error for store credit. 

DUE TO UNITED STATES CODE TITLE 42 - THE PUBLIC HEALTH AND WELFARE CHAPTER 6A - PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE SUB CHAPTER II - GENERAL POWERS AND DUTIES Part G - Quarantine and Inspection Sec. 271 - Penalties for violation of quarantine laws, ALL HUMAN HAIR IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR REFUND OR EXCHANGE. VIOLATION OF THIS LAW shall be punished by a fine of not more than $1,000 or by imprisonment for not more than one year, or both.