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When You Receive Your Hair



When you first receive the hair, you will notice that the hair pattern is in its chemical steamed formation. After making the pattern we send to you. You at this point have the option to keep the hair exactly how it is and never wash the hair, and just keep in that pattern. Or you can wet the hair and watch the new curl pattern transform before your eyes. After wetting you can style just like your own natural hair. The choice is yours.


BES Hair extensions aren’t like the normal hair extensions you may be used to. Other companies have hairs covered in silicones, so the pattern stays exactly the same no matter if you brush before work or waking up from a long night. But BES hair works just like your very own natural hair, since it is made from 100% human hair. Each millimeter requires different care tips, but all hair extensions require these tried and proven techniques to keep your hair extensions in the BES shape.